Subdom de citas

subdom de citas

function indexAction(Request request) currentHost request- getHttpHost var_dump(currentHost die; return The value stored in the database is actually only the subdomain part, not the whole host name. Yml file in my bundle. The alternative solution, multiple A records, is not as simple as using cname records. Lets also inject the base_host parameter, well need it here as well: / namespace KnpuqadayBundleEventListener; use use DoctrineormentityManager; class CurrentSiteListener private siteManager; private em; private baseHost; public function _construct(SiteManager siteManager, EntityManager em, baseHost) this- siteManager siteManager; this- em em; this- baseHost baseHost; The goal. Getting the current site from the SiteManager is cool, but the problem is that we still need to set this manually. QADayBundle:Site, which uses a, qADayBundle that I already created.

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subdom de citas

This is the brand new.2 autocomplete feature in action. Since were using lolnimals. Nginx ssl subdomain linux odoo8, by, timo Goosen on 24/11/14 16:21.138 vistas, i'm using Odoo Nginx as a reverse SSL proxy. Looks like you're not logged. Note, press tab to take advantage of the command autocompletion.